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Bhutan Kidney Foundation is a Civil Society Organization (CSO) / Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) officially registered under The Civil Society Organizations Authority (CSOA- Centrally located in capital Thimphu, the Foundation is functioning as an instrumental support group for the well-being of Bhutanese kidney patients. Currently, due to financial constraint the foundation focuses primarily on public education and awareness on prevention of kidney related diseases in the country. As it matures, we look forward to extending financial support to those kidney patients who have financial difficulties to undergo kidney transplant even though our generous government bears the entire medical cost and some living expenses. Besides, if need be, BKF also provides similar support and services to other organs related patients since there isn’t separate organizations to look after these issues at present.


A population living a socially and economically productive life through reduced incidence of kidney disease and through improved access to timely services.

  1. To improve access to timely diagnosis and treatment.
  2. To reduce incidence of chronic kidney disease through dissemination of knowledge on the causes, prevention and treatment on kidney diseases.
  3. To improve quality of life of chronic kidney disease patients and enable them to lead socially and economically productive lives.

  1. To ensure that the population is screened for non-communicable diseases at least once in a year.
  2. To ensure equitable access to timely diagnosis and treatment through taking services to the community.
  3. Periodic and relevant advocacy and awareness programmes are conducted both at local and national levels at least once in a year.
  4. A national level forum on kidney health is organized annually.
  5. At least one national level study on kidney related diseases is conducted.
  6. The dietary and other related expenses of kidney patients are supported on a need basis.
  7. Every chronic kidney disease patient is empowered with relevant skills to engage in at least one meaningful economic activity.
  8. A comprehensive plan for promotion of psychosocial wellbeing is developed and implemented.
  9. Secure a permanent office and retreat space for consistent and effective service delivery.
  10. Conduct an Organization Diagnosis Exercise and implement the recommendations of the study.
  11. A resource centre on kidney health is instituted within the Foundation.
  12. Strengthen and maximize network groups, members and volunteers.
  13. A systematic database is maintained for patients with kidney related diseases.
  14. The Endowment Fund reaches Nu. 50 Million in assets.
  15. There is an increase in the amount of contributions that support the operating budget by 25%.
  16. Contributors of Bhutan Kidney Foundation’s Welfare Fund (monthly contribution scheme) reaches 5000 in number by the end of 2023.
  17. Promote and sustain the project “One Ngultrum Initiative”.
  18. A maintenance fund is established are raised annually to sustain it.

Help BKF fight kidney disease


With the rate of kidney failure cases alarmingly increasing in our country, the prevalence of Hypertension and Diabetes poses further threat as these two are the leading factor to kidney disease....

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