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The kidneys are organs that serve several essential regulatory roles in most animals, including vertebrates and some invertebrates. They are essential in the urinary system and also serve homeostatic functions such as the regulation of electrolytes, maintenance ofacid–base balance, and regulation of blood pressure (via maintaining salt and water balance). They serve the body as a natural filter of the blood, and remove wastes which are diverted to the urinary bladder. In producing urine, the kidneys excrete wastes such asurea and ammonium, and they are also responsible for the reabsorption of water, glucose, and amino acids. The kidneys also produce hormones including calcitriol, erythropoietin, and the enzyme renin.

What causes kidney failure?

The commonest causes are diabetes, high blood pressure and a painless inflammation of the kidneys called glomerulonephritis.


Any medication that is prescribed for you will, of course, be based on your own individual requirements and explained clearly by your Renal Unit staff.

An Introduction to Haemodialysis

This form of dialysis removes waste products from the blood by passing it out of the body, through a filtering system (dialyser) and returning it, cleaned, to the body.

An Introduction to Peritoneal dialysis

With this method, instead of being cleaned by an artificial membrane outside the body, the blood is cleaned inside the body, through thePeritoneum. This is the thin membrane that surrounds the outside of the organs in the abdomen.

Kidney transplant

Approximately more than 120 bhutanese people underwent successful kidney transplant with kind support from the government. The success rate for kidney transplants is excellent.


Help BKF fight kidney disease


With the rate of kidney failure cases alarmingly increasing in our country, the prevalence of Hypertension and Diabetes poses further threat as these two are the leading factor to kidney disease....

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