Kidney transplant

Approximately more than 120 Bhutanese people underwent successful kidney transplant with kind support from the government. The success rate for kidney transplants is excellent.

The transplant kidney provides enough kidney function; remember some people are born with only one kidney and do not develop problems. After a successful transplant, there is no need for dialysis, provided the transplant continues to work well.

Patients who have a successful transplant should feel better and have more energy. There may still be a need to watch your diet to protect the kidney.

You will need to speak to your doctor to find out if you are medically suitable for a transplant (many patients are). If you wish to go ahead, you will be counseled to get blood-related donor if possible and if not, you have to find volunteer organ donor.

If a transplant fails, you can go back to dialysis or have another transplant. Even a successful transplant may not last forever. You have to take a range of medication daily to prevent rejection of the new kidney.


With the rate of kidney failure cases alarmingly increasing in our country, the prevalence of Hypertension and Diabetes poses further threat as these two are the leading factor to kidney disease....

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