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Due to the drastic rise in the number of kidney failure patients in the country, the happiness within the siblings, relatives, friends and loved ones are physically, emotionally and financially distracted. There are many cases like a single parent undergoing dialysis which many school going children are affected as they face difficulties in buying school needs and daily survival. In addition, many patients have to leave their loved ones and home for further treatment in the capital. Most of the kidney failure cases (98%) come from rural places of Bhutan where they doesn’t have any relatives nor financially strong. Few lucky patients gets chance to stay at the patient guest house where all charges are free and at the same time the patient gets free food three times a day from the hospital management. But due to their habit on Bhutanese culture food, all patients prefer to cook themselves and eat. BKF been supporting patients financially when they travel abroad for kidney transplantation and also bears local expenses and monthly groceries like rice, cooking oil, milk, eggs, biscuits, vegetables and other toiletries items. During the winter season, the Foundation provided heaters to warm their room as well as blankets for extreme need patients.

At the present situation, the kidney failure patient age range from 11 years old to 80 years old.

According to the World Health Organization data published in April 2011, Kidney disease deaths in Bhutan reached 56 or 1.15% of total deaths. The age adjusted death rate is 12.48 per 100,000 of population ranks Bhutan #114 in the world.


With the rate of kidney failure cases alarmingly increasing in our country, the prevalence of Hypertension and Diabetes poses further threat as these two are the leading factor to kidney disease....

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