Kidney diseases leading to chronic kidney injury is worrisome for all Bhutanese as it is increasing at an alarming rate. Only a few people who could not avail voluntary donors announce on TV whilst majority do not have to announce as relatives volunteer. What lead to kidney failures at this rate is yet to be known. Expenses incurred on self and the govt is huge as kidney treatment costs us not less than a million. Realizing all these issues, Bhutan Kidney Foundation will be organizing the first Patients’ Meet at Tarayana Centre, Thimphu on coming Sunday to find strategic solution to combat this disease. All people including the healthy beings, who have concern for this issue are welcome to join the session. Any concern raised during the Meet will be of immense help to the nation and its people.


With the rate of kidney failure cases alarmingly increasing in our country, the prevalence of Hypertension and Diabetes poses further threat as these two are the leading factor to kidney disease....

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